This one’s quite neat!

One of my long-standing favourite shops in Tokyo’s famous Akihabara district, Akizuki Denshi, has just started selling the WROOM-02 (that’s Espressif’s own version of the ESP-13, just in case you haven’t been paying attention) with an adapter PCB kit which brings out the pins to a breadboard-friendly connection.  It’s quite novel.

Akizuki Denshi WROOM-02 to 2.54mm DIL adapter board
Akizuki Denshi WROOM-02 to 2.54mm DIL adapter board

The kit comes with the WROOM-02 already soldered onto the board, but the header pins (although included in the package) need to be soldered to the PCB by the purchaser.  The kit (including the WROOM-02) is priced at a very reasonable 680-Yen (that’s about $5.70) plus shipping.  Unfortunately, they don’t ship internationally.

They are also selling the bare PCB as a separate item for just 120-Yen ($1.00).

As you can see from the photo of the bare PCB, all of the pins are broken out to the adapter (including the three, separate grounds).  As far as I can tell from the photos and from the text, there are no pull-ups or pull-downs; just the pin connections and nothing else.

Bare PCB
Bare PCB

Akizuki have a long history of producing kits and PCBs for the hobby market in Japan and a look at the “kit wall” in their shop is a good, barometric indicator of what’s hot in the embedded community here (of course the challenge is actually managing to elbow your way in there to be able to see it).

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