ESP32 Announcement

Just in case you haven’t already seen it, here’s the announcement from Espressif of their new, ESP32 chip.

ESP32 announcement from Espressif

John Lee (of Espressif) has also just noted on his twitter account that, “ESP32 and ESP8266 target slightly different markets. They do share very similar APIs. ESP32 is not a replacement for ESP8266!“.  He also suggests in a different post that the plan is to lower the price of the existing ESP8266 chips at the beginning of next year and bring the ESP32 to market at a price “slightly above” that of the current ESP8266.  Apart from the obvious pricing information, that also implies that we’ll be seeing the new chip in the wild very soon.  That’s the good news …but it’s worth remembering that John is talking about the chips themselves, so how much that price increase affects the module pricing remains to be seen, especially as the new features (BLE, extra I/O’s, etc.) imply extra board real-estate and increased component count at module level.  We should probably steel ourselves for a not-insignificant retail price hike between the ESP8266 and ESP32 modules.


ESP32_Module_smallUpdate – Pete Scargill has received an early version of the ESP32 module PCB layout from Espressif.  Go to his blog (also available in the sidebar links section) to see the whole thing and read more about what people think the layout implies about the capabilities of the new chip.


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