Weekend Reads [7th May 2016]

As a little bit of a break from the ongoing TASMOTA series, here are a few links for some light, ESP-related, weekend reading.

Finally, here’s one just to amuse you.  It’s not an ESP8266 project, but a project along the same lines of the ESP relay switching boards which have generated so much discussion in the forums recently (about the relative safety of their designs).  This one popped up in the Editor’s Choice newsletter from Instructables (and obviously, when it comes to basic electronics,  the Instructables editor is as clueless as the original submitter).

What I’d like to know though, is how the submitter actually did what he did?  Take a look at the “$1 AUTOMATIC WATER LEVEL CONTROLLER” project and see how many mistakes you can spot (you’ll need to  scroll well down in the comments to see an image of the bottom of the board).  I’ll give you a clue for the first one …I’m colour-blind, but not that colour-blind!  At any rate, please feel free to ignore the author’s advice that this is a working design for an AC pump.

Have a good one!


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