ESP32 Module!!

This picture of the WROOM-32 module pinouts has been produced by Alberto Piganti (PighiXXX).  I would have dismissed it as an April Fools Day joke, especially given the strange capacitor layout around the antenna area …but it’s August and, more importantly, the 

WROOM-32 Module
Courtesy of Alberto Piganti

information was re-tweeted by John Lee, of Espressif.   Also, the datasheet for the module appears to be available.

I really don’t know whether this is a mock-up, prototype, or just a rendering based on the pin-outs and top-view outline available in the datasheet (although it is most likely the latter) and right at this moment I don’t have the time to be able to follow-up.  So if any of you interested readers out there would like to do some sleuthing, please carry on and let us know what you find out in the comments section.

The picture link will load the original, full-size PDF file, BTW (just in case you’re allergic to PDFs).


2 thoughts on “ESP32 Module!!

    • Arturo,

      My guess is that the NodeMCU folks will have a ’32 model available just as soon as the chips themselves become available, so pretty much at the same time as the “no frills” modules.



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