ESP32 Breakout Board

Looking for a breakout board for that ESP32 module (whenever it actually arrives)?  OSH-Park and Ben (over at HydraBus) have you covered.  A week or so ago, Ben posted the rev 1.1 board design of his HydraESP32 on OSH Park’s shared projects.  There isn’t too much detail on what has changed since rev 1.0, but I suppose we can assume that he’s worked some of the kinks out of the original prototype.

HydraESP32 breakout board, by "HydraBus"

The board is designed to be mounted either on top of, or below, the HydraBus board, so there are footprints for the ESP32 on both sides (but only one should be used, obviously).  The white line down the middle is a cut line, for those users who just want an ESP32 breakout board without the HydraBus connectivity.  Unfortunately, the extra real-estate taken up by the HydraBus section means that the design will cost you $17.35 (for three) from OSH-Park, which is fairly expensive …but then again, right now your ESP32 options are a bit limited.  Business opportunity, anyone?


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