…and the lucky winners are

Seems like Friday was a big day in various parts of the world, with the postman delivering presents to several lucky recipients.  The contents?  A nice, shiny, new ESP32 development board.

ESP32 dev board with touch switches
Courtesy of Alasdair Allan

So far, people in India, Germany and the U.K. have reported receiving their early chrissy presents (the photo above was tweeted by Alasdair Allan, in the U.K.).  I would guess that there are now a few other people nailing wood across the front of the kennel to make sure the dog doesn’t chase the postie on Monday morning.

On a slightly more serious note, take a look at the header pins on the extreme left-hand side of the photo.  Now do a size comparison with the connections on the module itself; to me they look about half the size of the pads on the ESP8266 modules.  If that’s the case, then we can forget about soldering these little beasties by hand.  😦


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