The floodgates open …and then close again, rather quickly

Hot on the heels of the development board “presents” from Espressif, one of our other noted suppliers, Seeed Studio, has started selling their ESP3212 (“Wifi Bluetooth Combo Module”), which bears only the slightest similarity to the

ESP32 Module
via Seeed Studio

WROOM-32 picture which was aired a couple of weeks ago (it’s a castellated module with an ESP32 and Flash on-board, other than that, even the pin counts are different).  The Seeed module has the AI-Thinker logo on the RF shield, so it looks as though this is the real-world module which should be readily available from your favourite Middle Kingdom sellers any time now.

Which is just as well.  Seeed Studio sold out of their initial inventory somewhat quicker than instantly and the next batch aren’t expected to arrive until October.  Having said that, it’s definitely worthwhile taking a look at their page to see the specs laid out in a nice, uncluttered and understandable way.

ESP32 Module, Top
via Seeed Studio