Another nice breakout board on Tindie

McUdude Breakout Board

This one caught my eye recently, mainly because it’s so versatile.  It accepts several flavours of ESP8266 module, has two voltage regulators to support different input voltage options and also has a prototyping area.  The prototyping area is nicely laid out, with ground and 3v3 rails running up the middle and the broken-out GPIO connections from the ESP lined up along one side.  The only down side is that it is a touch expensive, at $9.90 plus shipping for the populated board (not including an ESP8266 module).  It’s available now on Tindie, shipping from Norway (which unfortunately adds $4 to the price for my particular location).


2 thoughts on “Another nice breakout board on Tindie

  1. As usual anything on Tindie is killed by the postage. In this instance dollars to UK sterling £7.62 for the part and £3.08 for postage. There is little wonder our Chinese friends and their clones do so well.
    Shame really because this part looks nice.


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