ESP8266 for the Pi-Zero

Lots and lots of breakout boards recently …but here’s an interesting looking PCB with a slightly different target — to enable WiFi on a Raspberry-Pi Zero.

ESP-12 to RPi-Zero adapter board

It’s obviously an adapter board which would plug directly onto the Pi-Zero headers.  Unfortunately, there’s no further info on the OSH Park page and an Oogleg search doesn’t find anything related, so if anyone knows “Eikacy” or has any other info on the project, please do let us know in the comments field (below).

Update:  As “Gon” points out in his comment below, this is a derivative of Andrew Litt’s RPi-WiFi project (which I certainly remember reading, but don’t recall having seen the original PCB).  All of Andrew’s original work is from his “esp_hat” GitHub available repository.

Anthony Lieuallen has also produced another version, based on Andrew’s original.


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