A present..

…just not a very good one!   🙂

I know that all of you ESP enthusiasts of a certain age will have been waiting for this with bated breath, so without more ado, from the “Why? Because we (almost!) can” department, here’s:-

Zork for the ESP8266

This is a port of Louis Davis’ Arduino Z-Code interpreter to the ESP, but before you get too excited, I should tell you that it is slow …really, really slow.  It’s still a work-in-progress, with a ton of very, very rough edges, but it does actually work (after a fashion).

It uses SPIFFS to store the game files and the included “data” directory has a couple of other games in there, in addition to the default “minizork.z3” file.  All you need to do is change the “G_FILENAME” define in user_config.h to run one of the others.

Using PlatformIO (if you’re not, why not?!?!) SPIFFS can be initialized and uploaded with:-

platformio run -t buildfs


platformio run -t uploadfs

(the uploadfs command will take a couple of minutes to complete).

The code can be uploaded using:-

platformio run -t upload


4 thoughts on “A present..

  1. Hi, you asked ‘why not using PlatformIO’ why would you on a Windows machine ?? last time I looked there was no proper installation package and if you only program Arduino’s and ESP’s rather than loads of different processors where’s the benefit over say Visual Studio with the Visual Micro add in?
    When running under Windows does Platform IO have one screen where all the function required to create code and download it are located as per the Arduino IDE?
    I am interested to hear about the benefits, if any, under Windows.


    • Hi Bob,

      As you’ve probably guessed already, we don’t have any Windows machines. I just never could get to grips with the everything-GUI paradigm, so I can’t answer your questions. I’m sure someone else will jump in with Windows-specific stuff, though.


      UPDATE:- Scroll down for the Hackaday PlatformIO IDE “how to” video…


    • Bob,

      There’s timing for you! I got a note from Hackaday this morning touting their PlatformIO “how to” video (for the IDE):-

      Right at the end he does a short comparison with Visual Studio.



      • Hi John, thanks for the feedback. Co-incidentally I got the Hackaday stuff as well but had not read it before I saw your reply. Al Williams does a nice job of explaining some of the Platform IO foibles.
        Maybe I’ll take another look as a lot of people seem to use Platform.io.


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