ArduinoDIY Blog Added

This morning(Merry Xmas!!) I’ve added the “ArduinoDIY” blog to the list of reading materials that might interest you (see the bottom of the right-hand panel).  The blog is written by the scarily named “Yersinia” (so please wash your hands after viewing) and, despite the “Arduino” part of the name, does have a lot of very interesting ESP8266 related content.  In addition to the ESP stuff, there’s a whole boat-load of other, more general electronics and programming stuff which will undoubtedly tickle your fancy (especially if you’re looking to get away from the goggle-box for an hour or two this holiday season).



2 thoughts on “ArduinoDIY Blog Added

  1. I heard abt your blog only moments ago (on Superhouse), and what’s the first thing I see on it? A link to my blog 🙂 Feeling honoured.
    Happy newyear


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