Get it while it’s hot!

If you happen to be resident in Japan and if you’re thinking about interfacing to an ESP8266 via Google Home, then you’re in luck …but only for the next two days.  Bic Camera is having a sale between the 22nd and 24th (of September, 2018) with some specific items heavily discounted.  One of them is the Google Home Mini at ¥3,240 (with free shipping inside Japan).  Not only is this a really good price (especially for the land of the rising yen), but you don’t even need to trust some intermediate, dodgy web site with your credit-card details; this is Japan, so you can just stroll down to your nearest “combini”, type your order number into their terminal and then use the printed invoice it produces to pay cash at the counter.  The next step is to sit back with a couple of beers and a good book while you wait for the Takkyubin to knock at your door.  Yappari, Nippon wa sugoi, desune (tokidoki!).


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