ESP32 board pricing

I’ve been a little surprised (and a lot disappointed) that ESP32 board prices haven’t fallen so very much since the introduction of the ESP32 module, so I was very pleased ESP32-DevKit-v1when recently, while searching eBay for something completely different, I came across this vendor selling ESP32-DoIt DevKit v1 style boards (a NodeMCU look-alike) for less than $5 each.  As it was a vendor I hadn’t used before, I cautiously placed an order for a couple and sat back to wait for the postman’s knock.

I received email notification that the boards had shipped within 12 hours of placing the order and the boards themselves arrived nine days later, which is better than normal turnaround (and in fact, the items which I’d been searching for originally and which I’d ordered from a different vendor within a few minutes of the ESP32 order didn’t arrive until five days later).  Having had a couple of bad ESP8266s shipped to me recently, I made a point of doing some initial testing of the modules when they arrived, and both programmed and ran a test application without any problems.

Getting good, working modules at that price and shipped promptly was information which seemed worth sharing and I started writing a post for this blog, only to find when I went back to the vendor’s site that he’d put the price up.  I hit the big “Delete” button and more or less forgot about it.

Over the past couple of days I’ve been playing with one of the modules for another project and I realized two things.  1- I’d forgotten to leave feedback for the vendor (now done) and 2- His updated price is actually still very good (even if it doesn’t break that $5 barrier) …which lead to this post.

As usual, I have to say that I have no relationship with this vendor, other than being a satisfied customer (on the basis of one order), but if you’re looking to help push down the prices on ESP32 modules, he (or she) is definitely worth considering.

-WARNING-  I’m writing this at the start of February, which is also the start of the Chinese New Year holiday, so you can look forward to an extra ten days delay if you order right now.  😦


6 thoughts on “ESP32 board pricing

    • Excellent finds, Blakadder. Thanks for posting those links.
      I like the price on the first one and the board format (the D1 lookalike) on the second, but unfortunately the postage to where I am still puts them well over the $5 mark. 😦



  1. If you look closely there are sellers on Aliexpress that ship for free, e.g. this ESP32S that I can land in New Zealand for NZD 6.10 == USD 4.14

    Sorry, that free shipping works for me here in New Zealand, but not when I change the shipping address to the USA – it looks like there are some benefits from living on this side of the globe!


    • Nice find, Paul. I live on the same side of the globe as you (different hemisphere, though), so the free shipping works for me, too.

      Maybe the (up to now, fairly slight) downward trend will accelerate now that “Chip 7.2.2” has appeared on the horizon.



  2. Chip 7.2.2 has a different CPU as I understand so it will take a while before there is support for the Arduino libraries etc. As the support for the ESP8266/5 is still incomplete, let alone the ESP32, I wonder if the new chip will be accepted as readily by the maker community, and hence the volumes will increase to the point where the ESP32 reduces dramatically in price.


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