Son of YAESPK (Yet Another ESP Killer)

Seeed Studio have just announced another module based on the Winner Micro W600 ARM SOC.  This one is slightly more expensive than the previous two offerings, but does seem to be a much more sensible design for hobbyists and, with Seeed touting CE/FCC certification for it, attractive to those looking to produce WiFi enabled commercial products, too.W600 module. Picture courtesy of Seeed Studio.  It looks very similar to the ESP12 series modules, with an on-board, PCB antenna and castellated GPIO connectors on three sides of the board.  The metal RFI shield completely covers all of the components, with only the antenna showing externally.  On the version shown on the Seeed pre-order page, the silk-screen pin numbers are only on the bottom of the module and, given the size of the RFI shield, I wouldn’t expect that to change.

The pin-out also looks very similar to the ESP12, with two UARTs, I2C, H-SPI and I2S interfaces. W600 bottom, courtesy of Seeed Studio. Most of the pins share multiple functions and can also be used as standard GPIO or PWM outputs.  As noted with the previous offerings based on the W600, the processor is a single-core Cortex-M3 with 288KB of RAM and 1MB of on-board flash.  The SOC also features an on-board hardware cryptographic accelerator and an ISO/IEC “Smart-Card” 7816 interface.

In yet another echo of an ESP-based past, there is mention of an AT interface mode for communication between an external microprocessor and the W600.  The documentation available on the Winner Micro site does include a Linux based install guide for the GCC toolchain and an SDK User’s guide, along with several other useful PDF manuals, though.

W600 module pinout, courtesy of Seeed Studio.

The module is scheduled to be available for shipping from Seeed on May 22nd at $3.79 per unit, or $3.59 in quantities larger than 20.


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