Tuya compatible smart-bulbs TASMOTA-ized

[Via Hackaday]  —  Don Howdeshell picked up a couple of “Merkury” branded smart bulbs in a Black Friday sale and, discoverering that they were Tuya compatible, has very kindly blogged not just his update experience and a tear-down, but also the TASMOTA template for the bulbs he found (just in case your’s are different, you can find more templates for Merkury smart bulbs in the template repository).

Although you might find availability and shipping a bit patchy at the moment because of the ongoing virus outbreak,  there are lots of smart bulbs on AliExpress and Banggood which are now showing “Tuya Compatible” flags, which should be a good indicator of ESP-based hardware.  We’re also starting to see some E14 base (candle/candelabra sized) smart bulbs appearing, too.

Don used Tuya-Convert to re-flash his bulbs and this is just a reminder that Tuya-Convert also ships complete with a recent version ( at the time of writing) of TASMOTA.


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