The Daily Steal:- 11th Gen Jasper-Lake Bargain

Today’s daily-steal is actually a double, in that the same deal has two different models for almost the same price. These systems are currently available on Amazon U.S. and, although they’re not the absolute cheapest Mini-PCs available, they certainly are very good value for money, taking into account processor, memory, M2.SSD storage and peripherals. Both systems come with the same Intel N5095 processor and the same, basic port configuration.

The Amazon page has a selection box to choose between the 128GB and 256GB models and, as the 256GB model is only U.S. $4 more than the 128GB model, the choice seems to be pretty obvious.

The 8GB/128GB model is currently selling for U.S. $135 and the 8GB/256GB model is U.S. $139.

These are Beelink Mini-S machines, which means that they do not come with the USB-C port of the U59 models, but they still have 4 x USB-3 (type-A) ports for external disks. The RJ45 is 1GbE and there are dual HDMI ports on the back panel.

For those of us outside of the U.S., these systems can still be shipped (by Amazon) to most regions for a moderate extra cost, but you should be aware that you may have to pay additional import duties, too. Please also note that the shipping and import duties will change, depending upon which of the two models you choose.

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