Wireless enable your multimeter

David Pilling’s blog is chock full of interesting stuff and, not surprisingly, he has discovered the ESP8266, too.  This is a pointer to David’s article on adding wireless capability to the Vichy VC99 multimeter.  I should warn you  in advance not to expect too much in the way of photos, diagrams or other pictures in David’s blog.  All of his articles which I’ve read so far appear to be targeted at an audience of fellow enthusiasts (ie:- people who know one end of a soldering iron from the other …even when it’s turned off) and who consequently don’t need too much hand-holding (we’re definitely not talking “Instructables” here).  Don’t limit your visit to the ESP add-on, though.  This is one of those blogs where there’s almost certainly something else which will grab your interest (be prepared to lose an hour or so of your free time).