ESP3212 module cancelled

According to the message trail here (, the ESP3212 module has been cancelled and is being replaced by the ESP32S module, which apparently is a closer copy of the Espressif WROOM reference module.

ESP32S ModuleDetails are thin on the ground, but Seeed Studio seems to have taken down its ESP3212 sales page and replaced it with the ESP32S.

This new version has already started to pop up on Ebay, both as auctioned items (starting at one penny/cent/yen) and as buy-it-now items from about $7.99.  I notice that since I first started searching for the ESP32S specifically, at least one of the sellers on Ebay has cancelled his auction because the item was unavailable (not a very good sign).


And another one for the ESP32, too


Explore Labs ESP3212 breakout board

Just in case you’re looking for a breakout board for your ESP3212 (rather than the boring old ESP8266), Tindie has you covered for that, too.  It doesn’t have the neato prototyping area that our previous offering had (in fact, as far as I can see, it doesn’t have anything at all, except for 0.1″ spaced connectors for all of the ESP32 pins), but it is considerably cheaper, at only $1.49 plus postage.  Of course, first you need that ESP3212.

ESP32 Dev Boards @ CNX Software

CNX Software, a site definitely worth adding to your bookmarks, has just published a short list of ESP32 development boards, gleaned mainly from blogs and social media sites.  Some of them are work-in-progress and some of them appear to be vapourware, but it’s still an interesting article and a nice little teaser for those of us still searching for someone to throw a few dollars at for a real, live ESP32.

The floodgates open …and then close again, rather quickly

Hot on the heels of the development board “presents” from Espressif, one of our other noted suppliers, Seeed Studio, has started selling their ESP3212 (“Wifi Bluetooth Combo Module”), which bears only the slightest similarity to the

ESP32 Module
via Seeed Studio

WROOM-32 picture which was aired a couple of weeks ago (it’s a castellated module with an ESP32 and Flash on-board, other than that, even the pin counts are different).  The Seeed module has the AI-Thinker logo on the RF shield, so it looks as though this is the real-world module which should be readily available from your favourite Middle Kingdom sellers any time now.

Which is just as well.  Seeed Studio sold out of their initial inventory somewhat quicker than instantly and the next batch aren’t expected to arrive until October.  Having said that, it’s definitely worthwhile taking a look at their page to see the specs laid out in a nice, uncluttered and understandable way.

ESP32 Module, Top
via Seeed Studio