Modtronix ESP32 Ethernet Gateway

This was spotted by Jean-Luc, over at CNX Software.  It turns out that Modtronix are not only still around, but they’re getting into the ESP world now, too (and I count both of those as being good news …I still keep a functioning Modtronix SBC45ECR1 board in my spares box).

Modtronix are currently running a crowdfunding campaign for an Ethernet-enabled ESP32 gateway board over on Crowd Supply (which has already reached its target).  The board is interesting in that it not only has Ethernet, but also a micro-SD card slot for extra storage, an additional STM32F030F4 ARM Cortex-M0 processor which, by default, is configured as an i2c expansion, a type-C USB port for power and data and a barrel-jack as an alternate power input (up to 16v).

The STM32F030F4 is the baby in that processor range, with only 16k of flash and 4k of RAM, but still makes this an interesting combination.  Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the GitHub repository doesn’t have any code posted, so we’re going to have to wait and see just how many of the little ARM chip’s peripherals are available to the ESP32.

One tip for navigating the Modtronix GitHub is that the schematics for the main board are actually there, but just not in the “pcb” directory …they’re in the “images” directory (and also linked from the in the “docs” directory).