One to make you smile…

This one just popped up on

“What is it?” I hear you ask.  This is Mark’s ethernet enabled ESP8266. Mark's ethernet-enabled ESP8266 Mark (aka Cicero on the ESP8266 forum) decided that what the ESP really needed was more connectivity and good, solid, reliable wired connectivity at that.  This is the result.  He has connected up an ESP8266 to an ENC28J60 and apparently now has it spitting data down the wires.  The idea was first floated on the forum more than a year ago by a user going by the name “April1” (which probably hints at how serious his intentions were at the time).  Mark entered the fray back in November of last year when he announced his intention to give it a go.  There was a brief pause (presumably while the ENC28J60 made its way from the Middle Kingdom to South Africa) and, at the beginning of January he announced that he’d succeeded in getting the two-headed micro-monster to talk to the outside world over copper.

Mark says he wrote a separate stack for the ENC based on original work here:- and has MQTT and the HTTPD functioning on it already.

Why?  Well you’ll have to ask Mark that; the thread is here:-

I’m holding out for the GbE-POE version, though.

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[Wiz5500 Version]