An ESP8266 Server Farm

I’ve mentioned Eldon  R. Brown previously (see the ESP-13 “New kid on the block” updates section) as he’s making leaps and bounds with both the hardware and software associated with the ESP8266.  One of his projects worth looking at is his ESP8266 server farm.

Three ESP8266 modules with PSU on breadboard
Eldon R.Brown’s ESP8266 Server Farm (photo courtesy of Eldon R.Brown).

It consists of three ESP8266 modules plugged into a breadboard, along with a breadboard power supply.  Eldon has put the farm on-line and you can access it at:- .

Even more impressive than the hardware are the graphics Eldon has managed to shoehorn in there, utilizing SVG.  His code is already up on GitHub so you can see how he does it over there.

Back on the hardware side, Eldon has been designing adapter PCBs to enable various models of ESP8266 to be plugged into breadboards without blocking all of the connector holes (a common problem with almost all of the existing adapters).  His latest version is one for the ESP-13/WROOM-02 module and it uses offset, SMD pin headers to allow the ESP module to fit a normal DIL-18 IC header space.  It looks like a winner and it’s available now as a shared project board from OSH-Park.

All in all, it’s definitely worth ten minutes of your time to check out the good stuff which Eldon has available on his blog (and that’s not even mentioning all of the HAM-related stuff [amateur radio, not dead pigs]).

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