PWM problems identified

People have been reporting problems with the PWM function on the ESP8266 causing resets for months, with others claiming rock-solid reliability for virtually identical applications.  There’s been a lot of back and forth on the site regarding whether this was a real issue, or just a problem with layout/decoupling or perhaps just inadequate power supplies.

Unfortunately, the SDK API Guide from Espressif hasn’t helped matters too much with, as Pete Scargill pointed out, things like the “duty” parameter being documented initially as an 8-bit integer (page 178, “pwm_init()”) and then later as 32-bit (page 179, “pwm_set_duty()”), guaranteed to trip up the unwary (ie:- me!).

Finally, user “anszom” seems to have identified the issue causing the real problem, which is a 32-bit integer containing the address of an interrupt handler routine.  Apparently the address is not tagged as being 4-byte aligned (which it needs to be), which means it’s a matter of luck as to whether the value is aligned, or not, when your application is compiled.

Thankfully, “anszom” also provides a manual fix for the linker script to work around this problem until Espressif provide an update to the SDK (and, hopefully, the documentation).

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