‘nuther New Kid almost on the Block

If you’ve been following techie news this week, you’ll probably have already seen the photos featuring the grungy soldering around the new “Chip-7” (and if you haven’t, here’s CNXSoft’s coverage).  Hackaday also covered the new chip, as part of Mike Szczys’ series on his trip to China.  Mike also produced an excellent interview with Ivan Grotkothov (probably better known to folks here as “igrr”) at Espressif, for Hackaday podcast (#11 — the interview with Ivan starts at the 44-minute mark).  The interview included just a couple of tidbits of extra information on the chip:-

  • It has more pins than the existing ESP32 and they will be predominantly GPIOs.
  • The power requirements and the overall performance won’t be too much different from the existing chips, but…
  • …it will be good value and a worthwhile improvement.
  • It will support Flash and PSRAM‡ on the carrier module.
  • The photo shows an engineering sample, so no firm date for release (or pricing), yet.

In addition, Jeroen “Sprite_tm” Domburg dropped in to leave a comment on the Hackaday page that the current, full title of the chip is actually “Chip 7.2.2”, but since that’s only an engineering label, we can expect it to change before the actual release, anyway.

‡ – Pseudo-Static RAM  – A dynamic RAM chip with on-board refresh circuitry which appears as static RAM to the processor.

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